About Artist & Illustrator, Kim Niles

KiniArt™ is a US company located in Washington state, featuring the art of Illustrator, Author and Designer, Kim Niles. KiniArt™ © designs date back to 2004 and are widely popular with children and adults, alike; with the majority of fans being in the age range of 30-65 years old and from the pet-owning population. Kim became a full-time independent Artist and published children's book Illustrator in 2005 and has since produced a very large body of dog and other animal art for products in her very unique and whimsical style.

Kim’s recognizable style is cartoon and the consistent theme of her designs is playful whimsy. Her art is available in a wide variety of collections from Christmas to everyday
art themes. She particularly loves to draw dogs, cats, and other animals. Her love of animals is well-reflected in all of her designs. Kim loves to create art for products and as she says, “I'm consistently searching the internet, retail stores, and current events to spark fun and humorous new ideas to tug at the heart of the pet-loving consumer.”

All of Kim’s art is hand-drawn and scanned into Adobe Photoshop® so that she can edit and format them into designs that meet manufacturer’s specifications. She's been creating products for retail since 2004 and is especially thrilled to now be creating patterns and product mock-ups to better visualize her art on exciting new products.

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